MFD expands its fleet

The City of Mansfield is now owner of a 70 foot aerial platform fire truck, Tower 1. The platform truck is coupled with supply, attack and aerial apparatuses. Unlike other emergency fire units, the aerial apparatus provides increased access and ability to conquer fire dangers at structures constructed at three or more stories high.

   The SP70 Aerial Platform with a capacity of up to 500 gallons of water, quint compliment of ladders, and aerial design that operates like a pumper is a direct benefit to the safety of our citizens. The platform has 4500 psi breathing air and two 750 gallons per minute monitors and nozzles at each side. Moreover, the versatility of the fire truck grants use as a decontamination station for hazmat conditions.

Preparation for the purchase of an aerial platform commenced with construction planning of the 2,400 square feet metal building addition at Fire Station No. 2 to house the new unit.

The city anticipates the possibility of a lower fire rating for citizens subsequent of the purchase of the aerial platform fire truck and completion of additional measures. Mayor Curtis McCoy stated “we are working to get our fire rating down; decreased rating will certainly result in savings for everyone.”

According to the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL), presently, the City holds a Class 5 insurance rating with a potential reevaluation insurance rating of a Class 3.

The Mansfield Fire Department stands ready to assist the residents of the city with responsive and caring service.

The City of Mansfield Fire Department is the only department in DeSoto Parish in ownership of an aerial platform fire truck.