Street improvements project spans 5 streets this year

Street improvements in the City of Mansfield continues, work that began last year to repair and improve streets is no stranger to the city. This year, overlays have been applied to Claudia, Crosby, Jefferson from Texas to Polk, city owned portion of Gibbs, and Welsh Streets; totaling five segments of roadway.

“It’s important to further strengthen the infrastructure in the city and be prepared for future business,” stated Public Works Director Jim Ruffin. Change is not always the easiest thing to understand and even the inconveniences that come with construction work in the city; however, construction is many times a sign of the economy and the city’s growth and improvement.

The street improvements are yet another way to improve the everyday experiences of the citizens in Mansfield and those visiting our historic area.

These streets completed in the Street Improvement Project were funded by budgeted City of Mansfield funds.