City property must be cleaned

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Continuous efforts to clean up the City...

Continuous efforts to clean up the City have been enforced by Mayor Curtis McCoy and City of Mansfield officials. Mayor McCoy has expressed his continued appreciation for those citizens that have cleaned and maintained their property stating, many property owners have been contacted, and many have stepped to the plate and are now maintaining clean property; however, there is other property in the city that has gone unclean.

Because of a lack of compliance, the Code Enforcement officials will no longer give warnings for property clean up, abandoned vehicles, overgrown lots, and dilapidated and unsafe structures. “As of November 26, all property within the City of Mansfield that has not complied will be issued citations and a fine will be given until properties have been cleaned,” said Mayor McCoy.  

A clean city encourages economic development-new businesses and visitors. We want to promote the quality of life, and make this area a place where all residents and businesses show their community pride.