Police, fire departments speak with 140 local kindergarteners

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The City of Mansfield Police and Fire Departments...

The City of Mansfield Police and Fire Departments visited with nearly 140 kindergarten students at the Mansfield Elementary on Wednesday morning. Mansfield’s departments, community helpers, spoke with students about the ways their respective occupations help the well-being of the community around them. Moreover, officers discussed the importance of all age citizens to abide by the laws set forth and enforced.

Students were even shown the features of the police patrol units that monitor the streets and the purpose of various police gadgets to the work of law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, officers explained their upmost duties in the community to protect and serve the residents. The kindergarteners were given their own junior police badges to wear and informational coloring books.

“This project was a great opportunity for the police department to reach out to the children of our community and let them know that we are their friends and we are here to protect and serve this community,” stated Assistant Police Chief Gary Hobbs.

Firefighter Karen Lee instructed the students of the importance of fire safety and the need for families to have a plan in case of a fire. Lee expressed her excitement stating, “I really enjoy having the opportunity to speak with the kids about fire safety and the ways to keep them safe.” Lee stressed to the kindergarteners the ‘magic numbers,’ 911 as the way to make the firefighters arrive. Students were provided with a coloring book story to help them better understand what to do in the case of a fire and the ways to prevent a fire.

The City of Mansfield’s numerous departments utilize these opportunities to educate and keep our community safe.