City improves city street

Monday, April 01, 2013

The City of Mansfield has undertaken work...

The City of Mansfield has undertaken street work throughout the city to improve city street infrastructure. Crosby Street which is home to the DeSoto Parish Library- Mansfield Branch, DeSoto Parish School Board, and Sales & Use Tax Commission required extensive patching work before a final overlay was sealed. 

On last year, over ten street sections received improvements including Pegues, short Gibbs, part of Schley, and Laura Streets. Also, Ruffin Alley, Hogan Alley, Ford Lane, Kavanaugh, part of Georgia and South Washington, Nancy, South Monroe, Kenneth, Jacobs, Johnson (DeSoto Estates and the Housing Authority).

As of this year, Claudia and Crosby streets have been transformed. More street improvement projects are expected this year.