Mayor salutes Mrs. Vera Mae Lewis!

Monday, August 12, 2013

A triumphant woman who’s works and whoms lifestyle continues to touch the lives of many through the growth she has caused in the lives of other… Mrs. Vera Mae Lewis!!

Mrs. Lewis is a mother of seventeen and a lifelong resident of Mansfield. 

She has taught her children to be productive and contributing members to society. To her wits, she has children that have become a doctor, NFL football player, educators, U.S. soldiers, and even a Mansfield city council member. She has done well in the rearing of her children!

Mrs. Lewis has instilled in her the children the importance of education. Her contributions are GREAT!

Mrs. Lewis' strong faith leads and guides her in everyday life. She continues to plant wisdom. Her contributions are too numerous to be counted.

Mrs. Lewis was recognized for the wisdom and knowledge that she has imparted to her family and the citizens of the community-at-large by Mayor Curtis McCoy.  Her works are done with such a caring and compassionate manner.