Tax renewal

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The City of Mansfield wants to make you aware...

The City of Mansfield wants to make you aware of the 8.46 millage property tax for the City of Mansfield. The renewal tax contributes an estimated $179,775 annually to the budget. THIS IS NOT A NEW TAX, rather a renewal for the continuation of the level of services provided by the police, fire, and public works departments.

Fire Department

Fewer future equipment purchases


-Fire insurance rating will go up causing Fire Insurance Rates to increase

Police Department

Reduce police force


-Number of officers on patrol will be reduced

-Response time will be longer

-Investigation time will take longer

-Drug enforcement will be reduced

Public Works Department

Mosquito spraying

-Reduced funds, results in less spraying

Bulky item pick-up

-Elimination of the residential bulky item pick-up

Reduce number of employees


-Take longer to get ditches cleaned out

-Take longer to mow right-of-ways and alleys

-Take longer to pick-up litter

Less funds for street maintenance


-Less material for street maintenance 

-Less sidewalk maintenance and repairs


-Reduce funds budgeted for drainage improvements