Odyssey, Fit for Life address mayor and aldermen


Mayor, alderman, and guest speakers

Tabatha Taylor, executive director of the Odyssey Foundation, and Robert Blount, of Fit for Life, spoke about their organizations during the Mansfield city council meeting on February 27.

Taylor expounded on the concentration of the Odyssey Foundation to serve as a resource for residents of Northwest Louisiana in combating childhood obesity and other childhood illnesses as well as assisting families of children with autism spectrum disorders.

As a yearly function of the foundation, Walking the Walk V for Autism 5K walk/run, has provided the means for Northwest Louisiana families to have access to an Autism Resource Library. As a parent of an autistic child, Taylor’s experiences make the cause more personable stating, there was little information about the autism spectrum available, “I did not want others to go through the same thing I went through.”

Established last year, the Autism Resource Library provides the latest research material, educational, and social/living skills for individuals on the spectrum.

In their years of operation, the Odyssey Foundation is persistently obtaining news bounds to not only educate families facing the challenges but the community in its entirety.

This year’s Walking the Walk V for Autism will be held on Saturday, April 7 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Stoner Boat Launch in Shreveport with State Representative Patrick Williams. Proceeds received will benefit the Autism Resource Library.

Coupling the non-profit organization, Odyssey Foundation, is Fit for Life, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the health and wellness of Americans of all ages. To this cause, Robert “Super-Mann” Blount addressed the council pertaining to Louisiana “Fit for Life” Day. Blount places strong emphasis on improving the health and fitness of citizens.

“Fit for Life” Day targets the health of children; therefore, Blount brings together fifth grades students to participate in the day of fitness. “It is crucial that these alarming trends be turned around at an early age,” acknowledged Blount.

The 2012 “Fit for Life” Weekend is scheduled for May 11-13 impacting students of Caddo parish and surrounding areas. Blount and wife, Richelle, combine their backgrounds of professional training and phlebotomy as it relates to the effects of poor-eating habits on the blood system to the development of wellness for all citizens.

During the council meeting, the City of Mansfield mayor and aldermen expressed their support for the events and the overall mission of the organizations.