Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

July 11--July 17


07/12/16  0145  Arrested Perry, Tenesha L. for Domestic Abuse Battery; Duncan

07/12/16  0150  Arrested Conway, Brandon for Domestic Abuse Battery; Duncan

07/12/16  0730  Arrested Frazier, Robert for FTC-Dist. The Peace; Turner

07/12/16  1400  Arrested Davis, Rodrigues for Illegal Poss. Of Stolen Things; Burton

07/12/16  1600  Arrested Jones, Lateaca for FTC-Speeding, FTC-D.L. Not On 

07/12/16  2118  Arrested Alexander, Franklin for FTC-Noise Violation; Duncan

07/13/16  0212  Arrested Litton, LaDarrion D. for Flight from an Officer; Christian

07/13/16  1520  Arrested Handy, Aubrey for Bench Warrants-Spdg 1-14 & Exp.D. L.; DPSO

07/14/16  0921  Arrested Turner, Ray M. for Domestic Abuse Battery; Locke

07/14/16 1141   Arrested Allen, Eric for Expired MVI Sticker; Jackson

07/15/16 1600   Arrested Edwards, Shawn Jeffrey for Poss. Stolen Things, Poss. Of Rx Drug                                         
07/15/16  2122  Arrested Perry, LaBrandon D. for Domestic Abuse Battery; Duncan/Christian

07/16/16  0340  Arrested Duncan, Felicia for Bench Warrant-Theft by Shoplifting; Duncan

07/16/16  0639  Arrested Duncan, Felicia For FTC-Disturbing The Peace; Turner

07/17/16  1907  Arrested Williams, Crystal L. for Enter/Remain on Premises; Christian