Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

November 16--November 22


11/16/15  0800  Arrested Shandle, Montrae For FTC-Enter/Remain On Premises, FTC-Enter/Remain On        
                                               Premises;  Turner

11/16/15  1540  Arrested Atkins, Towana for Theft By Shoplifting;  Turner

11/18/15  0454  Arrested Hooper, Malcolm for Simple Battery; Ambrose

11/18/15  1016  Arrested Hooper, Malcolm for Enter/Remaining on Premises; Jones

11/18/15  1825  Arrested Beaver, Artie for Disturbing the Peace & Resisting Officer; Cox

11/20/15  1334  Arrested Dickens, Blake for D.L. Susp. & No Proof of Ins.; Burton

11/22/15  0148  Arrested Ford, Jeremy L. For Bench Warrant-Disturbing the Peace; Ambrose