Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

January 25--January 31


01/25/16  0852  Arrested Hawkins, Brandon for FTC-Dist. The Peace; Turner 

01/25/16  0852  Arrested Williams, Jonathon for FTC-Theft By Shoplifting; Turner  

01/25/16  1135  Arrested Williams, Ashonti C for Bench Warrant-Dist. The Peace/fighting; Turner 

01/25/16  1348  Arrested Canada, Roderick for Bench Warrant-No Proof Of Ins; Turner

01/25/16  1604  Arrested Clem, Timothy for Bench Warrant-Speeding 1-14 Over Limit; Blue

01/25/16  1617  Arrested Dennis, Javeronica for Bench Warrant-Seat Belt Viol; Blue

01/25/16  1700  Arrested Wyatt, MeanBenshina for Bench Warrant-Speeding 1-14 Over; Blue 

01/25/16  2255  Arrested Dewitt, Patrick L. for Disturbing the Peace & Simple Drunk; Ambrose  

01/26/16  0838  Arrested Dewitt, Patrick For FTC-Dist. The Peace; Turner       

01/26/16 14:24  Arrested Biggins, Curley M for Bench Warrant-Taillights Two Required; Blue

01/26/16  2252  Arrested Brown, Shenique for Resisting an Officer & Unauthorized Entry of an Inhabited                                                                          Dwelling; Duncan

01/27/16  1441  Arrested Gillyard, Tiffany for Tampering w/Utilities; Jones

01/27/16  0739  Arrested Marshall, Javorius for FTC-No Proof Insurance; Jackson

01/28/16  0815  Arrested Milford, Curry Jr. for Unauthorized Entry into an Inhibited Dwelling; Jackson

01/28/16  1132  Arrested Sanders, Darnell for Enter/Remain on Premises; Jones

01/28/16  1410  Arrested Milford, Curry Jr. for FTC-Exp. D.L., FTC-No Proof Ins, & FTC-Exp. D.L.; Turner