Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

May 16--May 22



05/16/16  07:00 HRS  Arrested Williams, Elease for FTC-Entering/Remain On Premises After   
                                              Forbidden, FTC-Theft by Shoplifting, FTC-Theft by Shoplifting, &                                                                            
                                              FTC-Entering/Remain On Premises After Forbidden; Turner

05/17/16  09:37 HRS  Arrested Green, Fredrekia for City Warrant-Enter/Remain on Premises &Tampering
                                                    w/Utilities; Burton

05/17/16  0952  HRS Arrested Green, Fredreka for FTC-Enter/Remain on Prem & FTC-Dist.
                                                       the Peace; Turner

05/17/16  13:12 HRS  Arrested Drain, Whitney for Bench Warrant-Stop Sign Violation; Burton

05/17/16  1931  HRS  Arrested Handy, Anthony for Bench Warrant-Speeding 1-14 Over; Ambrose

05/17/16  2037  HRS  Arrested Fowler, Kenneth E. for Poss. Of Meth., Exp. D.L. & Reckless Oper.; Duncan

05/18/16  0730  HRS  Arrested Atkins, Lateidrick for FTC-Careless Oper., FTC-Red Light Vio; Jackson

05/18/16  1140  HRS  Arrested Atkins, Lateidrick for JP Warr.-Simple Assault,& JP Warr.-Simple Battery; Burton

05/18/16  1309  HRS  Arrested Richardson, Khashaylon L. for No Driver’s License; Jones

05/18/16  1542  HRS  Arrested Miles, Jeremiah for Dist Warrant-Aggravated 2nd Degree Battery Jackson

05/18/16  1935  HRS  Arrested Etheridge, Mickeal Issac for D.L. Not on Person & Speeding 58/45; Cox

05/19/16  0700  HRS  Arrested Rawls, Mathew for FTC-No Prf Ins, FTC-Off Rd Veh on Road/Jackson

05/19/16  1217  HRS  Arrested Edwards, LaChristy for Bench Warrant-Spdg 15-19 mph over; Jackson

05/19/16  1239  HRS  Arrested Claybrook, Krystal for Bench Warrant-Parking Prohibited; Jackson

05/19/16  1301  HRS  Arrested Smith, Husani M. for Bench Warrant-No Driver’s License; Jackson

05/19/16  2023  HRS  Arrested Marshall, Sherellaquartay for Bench Warrant-for Speeding; Zamarripa

05/19/16  2046  HRS  Arrested Davis, Brandon D., for Bench Warrant-for Speeding & Bench Warrant- for
                                                       Expired Driver Lic; Evans

05/20/16  0736  HRS  Arrested Atkins, Lateidrick for FTC-Disturbing the Peace & FTC- Resisting/
                                                        Flight Officer; Turner

05/20/16 1531   HRS  Arrested Miles, Joe Lee for Disturbing the Peace; Burton

05/20/16  1537  HRS  Arrested  Colbert, Cindy Carol for Disturbing the Peace; Turner

05/20/16  0926  HRS  Arrested Ross, Shacario T. for Disturbing the Peace; Turner

05/20/16  0926  HRS  Arrested Ross,  Decarlos for Disturbing the Peace; Turner

05/20/16  1630  HRS  Arrested Juvenile Pegues for Criminal Trespass; Burton

05/20/16  1832  HRS  Arrested Thomas, Sedreaka L. for Bench Warrant-Stop Sign Viol; Turner

05/20/16  2041  HRS  Arrested Thomas, Mark for Exp. D.L; Burton

05/21/16  0149  HRS  Arrested Green, Harry J. for Disturbing the Peace; Christian

05/21/16  0149  HRS  Arrested Beaver, Addie for Disturbing the Peace; Christian

05/22/16  0510  HRS  Arrested Smith, Kenneth Lee for Unauthorized Use of Moveable; Ambrose

05/22/16  1622  HRS  Arrested Allen, Stephanie for Bench Warrant-Speeding 1-14 over; Christian 

05/22/16  1623  HRS  Arrested Philyaw, Charolette for Theft by Shoplifting; Burton

05/22/16  1628  HRS  Arrested Philyaw, Cara for Theft by Shoplifting; Burton

05/22/16  1919  HRS  Arrested Davis, Demioneya D. for Bench Warrant-Red Light Violation; Duncan