Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

August 17--August 23


08/17/15  1752  Arrested Washington, Terrence, for Indecent Exposure; Evans

08/17/15  1838  Arrested Frazier, Robert Charles, for Simple Drunk; Cox

08/17/15  2034  Arrested Adams, Christopher, for Possession of Marijuana Second or Subsequent Off.; Evans

08/18/15  0740  Arrested Hewitt, Kenneth R. Sr. for Bench Warrant-No D.L. w/Accident; Jones

08/18/15  1217  Arrested Thomas, Cornelius for Bench Warrant-Expired Driver’s License; Jackson

08/18/15  1400  Arrested Canada, Patricia for Disturbing the Peace; Jones

08/19/15  0743  Arrested Sanders, Darnell for Enter/Remain on Premises; Burton

08/19/15  2058  Arrested Hunter, Rodney G. for Disturbing the Peace; Duncan

08/20/15  0836  Arrested Farr, George for Bench Warrant-No D/L/Accident; Hobbs

08/21/15  1825  Arrested Thomas, Michael J. for Simple Battery; Evans

01/24/15  0243  Arrested Walls, Oliver for Dist the Peace(city), Enter Remaining(city), Unauthorized Entry                                                               Inhabited on Premises(district); Evans/Zamarripa