Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

November 28--December 4

11/29/16  1548  Arrested Clark, Anthony for Bench Warrant-MVI-Sticker Expired; Turner

11/30/16  0738  Arrested Burns, Curtis for FTC-Alcoholic Beverage Violation; Jackson

11/30/16  0942  Arrested McInytre, Johnaton for FTC-D.L Sus/Revoc, & Alcoholic Bev.; Jackson

12/01/16  0828  Arrested Mayweather, Ebonee for Bench Warrants-Mvi Sticker Exp., Exp. Lic. Plate,                                                                          D.L. Sus/Revoc., No Proof Ins., & Speeding 15-19; F.Jones

12/01/16  1950  Arrested Mayweather, Kalem for FTC for Disturbing the Peace; J.Jones

12/02/16  0717  Arrested Canada, Demarkus for Stop Sign Viol; Turner

12/02/16  0717  Arrested Kelly, Rayshanda for FTC-Failure to Dim Headlights, No Drivers                                                                                          License, Dist. The Peace, Dist. The Peace/Fighting; Turner

12/04/16  1125  Arrested Charleston, Isaac for Bench Warrant-No Drivers Lic; Turner