Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

July 21- July 27

07/21/14  0732  Arrested Ross, Fred Jr. for Alcoholic beverage Violation; Jones

07/21/14  1420  Arrested Jones, Jacoby D. for Bench Warrant/No Proof Ins., Bench Warrant/D.L. Susp./Revoc.,
                                        & Bench Warrant /Switched License Plate; Jackson

07/21/14  1435  Arrested Terrell, Travis for FTC/Disturbing the Peace; Jackson

07/22/14  0957  Arrested Hooper, Malcolm for FTC /No D.L., & Dist. the Peace; Jackson

07/22/14  1137  Arrested Griffin, Claude for Alcoholic Beverage Violation; Jones

07/22/14  1531  Arrested Mingo, LaQuarius R. for Disturbing the Peace; Jackson

07/22/14  1619  Arrested Ross, Kimberly for Disturbing the Peace; Jackson

07/22/14  1750  Arrested Davis, Demoineya for Unauthorized Entry of an Inhabited & Entering and Remaining                                                                     After Forbidden; Jackson

07/22/14  2251  Arrested Owens, Delano for Aggravated Battery & Bench Warrant/No D.L.; Cox

07/22/14  2251  Arrested Lane, Tameka for Aggravated Battery; Zamarripa

07/23/14  0628  Arrested Ross, Daniel for Bench Warrant No Lic. Plate, Bench Warrant /D.L.Susp./Revoc.,   
                                         Bench Warrant/No Proof Of Ins., FTC/Dist. The Peace; Turner

07/23/14 1000   Arrested Thomas, Alvin for FTC/ Unsafe Vehicle ; Turner

07/24/14 1400   Arrested Powell, Lakendrick for Flight from an Officer, Unauthorized Entry of a Business,                                                                           Theft > $300.00 and Simple Battery; Burton

07/25/14  1141  Arrested Jewett, Demarcus J. for Bench Warrant /D.L. Sus/Revoc, Bench Warrant /Alcoholic
                                         Bev. Vio., FTC/No Vehicle Registration; Jackson 

07/25/14  1715  Arrested Collins, Staci M. for Theft by Shoplifting; Jones

07/25/14  1721  Arrested Jones, Kabresha D. for Theft by Shoplifting; Jones 

07/25/14  1725  Arrested Marshall, Sherellaquatay for Theft by Shoplifting; Jones