Police Desk Activity Log

Mansfield Police Department


Arrest Report

June 20--June 26



06/20/2016  1506  Arrested Garrett, Cynthia for Bench Warrants-Alcohol Violation, Simple Drunk, &                                                                  Alcoholic Beverage Vio.; Jackson            

06/20/2016  1508  Arrested Woods, LaDerrick for Theft by Shoplifting; Locke

06/20/2016  2032  Arrested Canada, Roderick for Bench Warrants-D.L. Suspension/Revoc.,No Prf Ins, &
                                                   DPSO Warrant for Neglect of Family; Evans

06/20/2016  2058  Arrested McDaniel, Frederick Simple Escape, Resisting by False Information, Bench    
                                                   Warrants-No D.L. & Noise Violation; Evans

06/21/2016  1142  Arrested Smith, Kimberly for Simple Battery Warrant; Jackson

06/21/2016  1548  Arrested Byrd, Tiffany for FTC-Dist. The Peace, FTC-Dist. The Peace; Jackson

06/21/2016  1626  Arrested Richards, Shaloria L. for Stalking; Jones

06/21/2016  1557  Arrested Bledsoe, Fred D.  for Bench Warrants-Spdg 20 above & Exp. D.L; Evans

06/21/2016  1845  Arrested Hall, Demontray C., for Bench Warrant-Enter/Remain on Premises; Evans

06/22/2016  1004  Arrested Wyatt, Cortez for Cyberstalking; Jones

06/22/2016  1452  Arrested Perry, Frankeisha For Bench Warrants-Speeding, Stop Sign Viol.,                                                                                      
                                                   No Proof of Ins; Blue

06/24/2016  0125  Arrested Shandle, Montrae  A. for Simple Battery; Ambrose

06/24/2016  1841  Arrested Crump, Terrance on FTC-Disturbing the Peace; Evans

06/24/2016  2200  Arrested Rachal, Sarah Elizabeth for D.L Suspension/Revocation, Exp. MVI, & Headlights:
                                                  Two Required; Evans

06/24/2016  2355  Arrested Green, Robert N., for Disturbing the Peace/Fighting; Zamarripa

06/24/2016  2358  Arrested Kellogg, Alexander for Disturbing the Peace/Fighting; Evans

06/26/2016  0300  Arrested Holmes, Deandre for Poss. of Firearm or carrying concealed weapon by felon,
                                                   Poss of Sch I w/intent, & Poss of Firearm in present of CDS; Evans