To the Citizens of Mansfield...

To the Citizens of Mansfield....

I want to thank those citizens that have cleaned and maintained their properties. Throughout my administration, the city council and I have always tried to enforce the beautification of the city. We have contacted many property owners, many of which have stepped to the plate and are now cleaning and keeping their properties clean. On the other hand, there are property owners who have let their property in the city go uncleaned.

Because of this lack of compliance, the Code Enforcement officials will no longer give warnings for property clean up, junk and abandoned vehicles, overgrown lots, and dilapidated and unsafe structures.

As of November 26, 2012 all property within the City of Mansfield that has not complied will be issued citations and a fine will be given until properties have been cleaned.

I can assure you, all fines will be paid.

Thanks for your continuous cooperation and we hope to have a cleaner city in the months to come!

-Mayor Curtis W. McCoy