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House Number Posting

Firefighters, emergency vehicles, and personnel may need to find your home quickly should an emergency occur.  It is difficult for emergency vehicles, utility trucks, and postal and delivery trucks to find homes and businesses whose address numbers are not properly posted.
Clearly posted house numbers can save precious time should an emergency occur. Can life saving personnel find you?

                       How large should house numbers be?  
The 911 numbers on a house should be at least four feet off the ground,
four inches high and clearly visible from the road in both directions. The numbers
should have a contrasting background and be made of reflective material so they
can be easily seen at night. The idea is to make it so emergency personnel do
not waste precious seconds locating your house in an emergency.

  • Residences & Apartments
Post house numbers:

  • Directly on your house, apartment, or garage.
  • Visible from the roadway.
  • By the street or on a post or sign made of fire resistant material.
  • Easy to read, not cursive style.
  • At least 4" high
                           Should numbers go on the mailbox too?
The 911 numbers should go on a mail box or sign at the end of your driveway. The numbers
should be on either side of the mail box or face street front and be visible from both directions.
If the mailbox is on the opposite side of the road or bunched with other mailboxes use a sign
at the end of the driveway.